Our Brand Refresh

Our Brand Refresh

Duke & Duck has been around for 14 years, and we’ve come a long way since our earliest days. In this video, studio owner Alex Herder talks with Creative Director Katie Trayte and Art Director Jojo Chongjaroenjai about everything that went into our latest brand refresh. 


Taking a look at how the quality, style, and type of work we produce has grown in recent years, we had been feeling that our visual identity had fallen out of sync with the quality of our portfolio and the types of work we’ve been doing with our client partners lately. We also looked at our peers and were inspired by how many of them had hit their own refresh buttons. 


We knew it wasn’t time for a full re-brand because so much was working, including the very excellent ampersand-duck-in-a-top-hat icon, so we took what we loved and leveled up the rest. There’s a lot of detail in the video, but overall the new brand leans into what we think sets us apart: a deep appreciation for human stories and the personal. This is reflected in the organic textures and simple line work you can see throughout our new website and materials, which are platforms for exploring and celebrating our core values of curiosity, empathy, and whimsy.


It’s been months in the making, and we’re not done yet! 


Next up is extending the visual brand with a full motion language and some fun characters to narratively represent us in our work. Stay tuned…