Frames of Fear

Frames of Fear 5: Addams Morgue’n

Once upon an October, Duke & Duck started Frames of Fear, a spooky-themed animation exhibit. We were excited to bring the event to the vibrant neighborhood of Adams Morgan in 2021!


In the past, we asked creatives to depict their worst fear or their best spooky pranks.  For the fifth annual round, we decided on a new theme: Where do your favorite monsters shop? When the stores go dark, what creatures of the night come to life?


Over 15 animators and illustrators participated, creating some spooky and creepy animations projected through out 18th Street.

2021 Participants:


Abi Weaver

Annamaria Ward

Conner Troxclair / Eri Hashimoto 

Jack Sabbath

John Martinez / Hannah Saidiner / Hannah Churn

Jojo Chongjaroenjai / Hannah Saidiner / Eri Hashimoto

Jon Marchione

Kimberly Arias

Kiran Joan

Mithra Krishnan / Angela Hsieh

Rakel Davis

Steve Karp

Victoria Blair

Zach Christy

Zoë Soriano