Legal Services Corporation

The Civil Court Data Initiative Series

The data collected by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) sheds light on a Civil Court System that is broken. But how do you turn statistics on a page into a story of a complex legal system? One that is difficult to navigate, overburdened with cases, and puts people who can’t afford a lawyer at a disadvantage? To increase public awareness that US civil courts are not functioning as they were meant to, LSC turned to animation.

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Medical Debt

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    Medical Debt

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A unique, textural art direction captures deep emotions with visible grain, brushstrokes, and imperfect line work. They work in tandem to convey the overwhelming nature of each experience, with fading locations, resources, and moments amplifying the isolation and vulnerability of those facing the legal system alone. These visuals highlight the significant disadvantage many people endure, generating awareness and empathy for their challenges and the dire need for data.

Visual Development

Excerpts of midpoint storyboards from the Eviction video


Creative Director Katie Trayte

Producer & Writer Katrina Deptula

Art Direction: Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Hannah Saidiner

Storyboards: Hannah Saidiner, Lois de Silva

Animation Conner Troxclair, John Martinez

VO Jenn Henry, Ross Huguet, Angie McGhee

Sound Design Chris Mastellone


Reproducibility & Replicability