Virginia Department of Health

Meet Your COVID-19 Vaccine

As questions continued to arise about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, the marketing firm Reingold and the Virginia Department of Health sought out an animation partner to make a video that tells some compelling facts about the vax. With our walking, talking Covid-19 vaccine vial, the charm of 2D character animation sets the record straight and encourages Virginians to “move forward and get vaccinated!”

Character Design

With special appearances by characters like George Washington and viral immunologist Dr. Corbett, the history of safe vaccine development comes to life through a sophisticated design aesthetic that leans of the appeal of vintage educational videos. For those who say the Covid-19 vaccine is too new to be trusted, take it from our friend, the vaccine vial: thousands of scientists have been conducting research that led to the Covid-19 vaccine since long before you were even born! Now that’s a fact, Jack!

Acting it out!

For this spot, an open-line style lends a spontaneous energy and strong sense of motion to the piece. Play was an important part of the production itself, particularly when working with the human cast. Crafting performances that remained consistent with the design (and matched their charm) required a unique blend of experimentation and discovery. For the vials, a rigid body was paired with springy limbs and full-body acting to ensure our main character (and all their iterations) would engage the viewer throughout.

Visual Development


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Creative Director (Team Reingold): Patrick Harrington

Producer: Mike Capbarat

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Design: Katie Trayte, Eri Hashimoto, Conner Troxclair

Animation Director: Conner Troxclair

Character Animation: Conner Troxclair, Todd Churn, Cal Benedict

Additional Animation: Katie Trayte, Hannah Saidiner, John Martinez, Dave Ellington

Music: Andrew Ecklund

Sound Design: The Chicken


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