A Boy Named Gavin

This is a story about a boy named Gavin.

After causing an uproar when he started using the boys’ bathroom at his school, Gavin Grimm spent years fighting against a discriminatory restroom policy that segregated transgender students from their peers. When director Elyse Kelly and the ACLU asked us to tell Gavin’s story, his case was on its way to the Supreme Court.

The foundation of this short film is Gavin’s own speech at his local school board hearing, which lends emotional weight to the narrative. Just as Gavin is fearless in speaking his truth and the ACLU is fearless in championing his rights, we sought to be fearless in creating a vehicle to amplify this story and message. 

In 2021, the Supreme Court declined to hear the case — upholding lower court decisions in support of transgender students and their Title IX rights.


Creative Director & Producer: Elyse Kelly

Visual Development: Duke & Duck

Art Direction: Hannah Churn

Animation: Hannah Churn, Dave Ellington, Joseph Le

Sound Design: Chris Mastellone


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