Solar Savings Series

Arcadia is revolutionizing the way we pay for electricity and bringing renewable power to a whole new group of Americans who wouldn’t otherwise get it. With energy use on the rise within the average American home, Arcadia empowers members to choose clean energy over fossil fuels & power companies – illuminating a path toward a greener future.

Aware that to some, their service seemed almost too good to be true, Arcadia came to us with a request for a suite of videos to help explain what they do, and to clarify that yes – it is indeed that simple for customers to get started buying clean energy.

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How to Save with Arcadia Community Solar

Arcadia Series

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    How to Save with Arcadia Community Solar

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    How Arcadia’s Wind Energy Program Works

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    How to Save with Arcadia’s Smart Rate Feature

Visual Language

The first step in our process was design. Utilizing Arcadia’s existing brand guidelines, we created a sophisticated, illustrative style aimed at helping broaden Arcadia’s visual world.

Crafting The Message

Leveraging this refined look, we then partnered with Arcadia to craft a compelling, informative story. Our goal: highlight the digital capabilities & user friendliness of the Arcadia app, while also inviting the viewer into outdoor scenes, reinforcing the value of Arcadia’s environmental initiatives. In the end, both the style and story of this video proudly showcase an envisioned future that is both clean and green thanks to Arcadia.


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Producer: Tarisa Shelton

Creative Director and Writer: Alex Herder

Animators: Victor Verdugo, Dave Ellington

Sound Design: Chris Mastellone


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