Meta + Axios

How Ads Work

Have you ever wondered how your webpage knows exactly which advertisements you need to see? It’s surprisingly simple how specific ads are served to you.

These tech-branded animated explainers illustrate how ads work, and why they’re free.

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Targeted Advertising


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    Targeted Advertising

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    How Ads Work

To create an honest and quick conversation with the audience about how ads function, the style needed to be engaging and snappy, while bringing the brands of Meta and Axios together in a harmonious balance. The viewer goes on a journey with “their data” to provide a real life snapshot of the process, from cookies to personal privacy. Along the way, we learn both how and why we often find ourselves viewing uniquely tailored ads as we browse through the web.


Creative Development: Axios

Client Producer: Eli Sinkus, Jimmy Shelton

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Animator: Dave Ellington, Hannah Churn, Victor Verdugo

Sound Designer: Chris Mastellone


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