Center for a New American Security

“In Short” Series

From cybersecurity and AI risk to defense budgeting and beyond – the scholars at The Center for a New American Security are passionate about understanding the issues that matter to national security.

We worked with them to establish an explainer series to translate their valuable national security research and insights into short videos that help the public understand what matters and why.

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Navigating the China-Russia Partnership

CNAS Explainer Series

  • 1 / 5

    Navigating the China-Russia Partnership

  • 2 / 5

    Dangers of an AI Race

  • 3 / 5

    The Bottom Line

  • 4 / 5

    Digital Dictators

  • 5 / 5

    Winning the Next War

The Challenge

Many organizations have a video consistency problem. Each video project is contracted separately with a different vendor, and brand style guides often don’t include a video section. The result? Clashing motion styles or vastly different designs across videos. You might even have multiple animation treatments for the same logo!

The Solution

Our first step was to figure out how CNAS should “do” video. From style to technique, we determined what their audience wants and how to set up their team to replicate this work for future content initiatives.

By providing a “way we do explainers” guide, we gave CNAS the tools to build an evolving visual language to accompany their world-class scholarship. When viewers can instantly identify one of their videos on social media, each explainer installment actively builds the audience for the next explainer and makes it easier for folks to seek out more and similar content.


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Creative Director: Alex Herder

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Producer: Tarisa Shelton

Animator: Dave Ellington, Hannah Churn

Sound Designer: Chris Mastellone


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