National Geographic

LSD & The Psychedelic Revolution

Get ready to explore the fascinating world of psychedelics with National Geographic’s latest documentary, LSD and The Psychedelic Revolution (streaming on Hulu)! This unique piece unpacks a rapidly-growing trend – the use of LSD and other psychedelics to treat various ailments ranging from headaches to trauma.

Through archival footage, lively textural animation, and a bold color palette, we were able to interpret users’ journeys on mushrooms and better visualize how psychedelics impact the brain. An exciting exploration into this ever-evolving field, LSD and The Psychedelic Revolution sheds new light on how these powerful substances can send you on a vivid journey through your own mind.


Producer: Aliyah Oestreicher

Storyboards: Eri Hashimoto, Katie Trayte

Animation: John Martinez


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