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Nestlé Stories Series

In 2021, Nestlé came to us with an exciting request: how would we bring to life the stories of a special group of Nestlé chefs, scientists, & managers, to highlight the innovative & sustainable products they created — and do all of this remotely? Excited by the challenge, we suggested combining the authentic feel of documentary-style audio interviews with the appeal of Duke & Duck character animation — and the Nestlé Stories campaign series was born.

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Nestlé Stories | Kristin

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  • 1 / 7

    Nestlé Stories | Kristin

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Character Design

Leaning into our documentary experience, we asked the Nestlé team to tap their internal network for compelling storytellers. After identifying 5 inspiring employees, we set up audio calls with each, asked them to tell their story – and we let the tape roll. Without fail, each interviewee brought forward fun and charming analogies, which we mined for exciting, character-based visuals.

Visual Development

Whether it was a giant awesome burger’s orchestra performance or synchronized swimming cauliflower bites, we used charming design and 2D character animation to help bring these videos into the realm of visual spectacle.


Stories of internship opportunities, plant-based food innovation, and sustainable packaging development all made one thing clear: Nestlé employees are passionate about their roles in making the future of food better.


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Creative Director: Alex Herder

Producer: Mike Capbarat

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Design: Eri Hashimoto

Animation: Victor Verdugo

Music & Sound Design: Dogbotic

Character Animation: Plumcat Studio, Lana Simanenkova


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