Just Listen – All Things Considered

We’re constantly inundated with information sources — and it can be overwhelming! Sometimes, it’s nice to have someone else make the decision. That’s just what NPR’s flagship show All Things Considered does: curates the day’s news and culture just for you, all in one place.

Using cel animation, loads of fun textures, and showcasing NPR’s classic color palette, this campaign is a collaboration we’re proud to share. So sit back (or go for a walk, or bake a cake) and enjoy All Things Considered! It might just be the best decision you make today.

Character Development

From Paulo to Dean, we’ve got quite the crew of cabinmates. Taking inspiration from NPR’s awesome color palette they handed over to us, we ran with the creative direction to come up with a dynamic, diverse set of characters to include within the piece.

Making it Move

This is a piece about contrasts — the dark, overwhelming tunnel-vision POV versus a lighter and more peaceful state of mind. 


Inside the tunnel, the onslaught of notifications and other “distraction abstractions” swirl and buzz like flies toward the light. We use the tunnel exit to shift perspectives, and the abundant light pouring in to give the viewer a clear picture of their world. Each shot seeks to capture a small moment of life unfolding as characters go about their business while listening to All Things Considered. Keep an eye out while watching for all the ways the characters tune in!

Visual Development

The Social Package


Creative Development Duke & Duck

Producer Aliyah Oestreicher

Art Director Katie Trayte

Animation Director Conner Troxclair

Designer Katie Trayte, Conner Troxclair

Character Animation Conner Troxclair, John Martinez, Stella Oei, Cal Benedict

Sound Design The Chicken


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