Introducing PLOS

PLOS is an Open Access scientific publisher that empowers researchers to transform research communication. Their mission: accelerate progress by creating a fair, equitable, and accessible space to publish and discuss scientific work. PLOS wanted to grow their community and spread the word about their brand’s commitment to Open Access through motion graphics.

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PLOS Personalization

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The PLOS team’s core values of trust, empowerment, and breaking boundaries inspired a story and design aesthetic that is as innovative and forward-thinking as they are.

When it came to design, a unique mix of photography, illustration, and animation created a sophisticated, surrealist, collage-style look that allows the viewer to explore landscapes as microscopic and vast as the science that PLOS publishes. This boundless canvas paved the way for exciting non-linear storytelling.

Using the framework of a love letter addressed to the researchers of today, written by the scientists of tomorrow, the lines of multiple voice actors layer on top of each another. This lends a dynamism that pairs well with the kaleidoscopic visuals and ever-forward-moving animation – resulting in a boundary-breaking video that proudly reflects PLOS’s mission.


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Animators: Dave Ellington, John Martinez, Mike Mirandi, Greg Markman, Stella Oei, Victor Verdugo

Design: Jojo Chongjaroenjai, Eri Hashimoto, Stella Oei, Katie Trayte

Sound Designer: Chris Mastellone


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