Stride, Inc.

Strider the Fox

Are you ready to learn? Strider sure is! Strider is Stride K12’s energetic and approachable fox who encourages kids to reach their full academic potential. The Stride K12 company wanted to connect with their students in a new way and share their unique method of learning. It was time to bring Strider into the 3rd dimension.

Visual Development

The best approach for maximium engagement would be to have Strider in-scene with the target audience. K12 provided some great footage that highlighted students, teachers, and parents learning together – and Strider fit right in! During the edit we looked for scenes that would lend themselves to camera tracking during compositing, then created a modified animatic with the 2D storyboarded Strider character placed in each scene.



Origami Dollar

Our Partners in 3D

All the while, our friends at Origami Dollar were at work modeling, rigging, and lighting our foxy friend. They became our partners in shaping Strider’s personality in animation, helping produce a character that students of all ages would love. Strider captures an eagerness to learn that is present in all K12 students — and we were thrilled to bring them to life!


Creative Development: Duke & Duck

Creative Director: Alex Herder

Producers: Gina Falcone, Aliyah Oestreicher

Art Director: Katie Trayte

Animation Director: Conner Troxclair

Animators: Origami Dollar, Dave Ellington

Sound Design: Chris Mastellone

Stride Lead: Ji Ho


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